Mandala Voyages is a small travel and holiday foundation settled in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04) at Prads Haute Bléone.
We adhere in APRIAM which gives us the tourist approval to organise all inclusive trips. We offer all services, starting from the initial information up to the on-the-spot accompaniment.
You will always have a French guide on your side (mountain guide) which will enable you to fully enjoy your destination and its people.
We make a commitment to only work with local competent partners with whom we maintain a reliable, friendly and long-lasting relationship.
For distant destinations requiring a flight, only best companies are selected.

You would like to go somewhere else?

Mandala Voyages also means the encounter of people all around Europe, for our groups are sometimes formed of several nationalities. And everybody enjoys!

It is especially the opportunity of a “special” journey, organised by Yvan who considers each stay like an encounter between oneself and the others!

The Mandala Voyages spirit

A real Journey has to offer the possibility to really be ourselves, in order to fully enjoy this experience! It is in this state of mind that we organise our travels.

Yvan Théaudin, graduated Mountain guide since 1999 is charged with the organisation of journeys and the accompaniment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an idea or a dream journey! The best experiences often start like this…

For more information, please contact Yvan Théaudin:
Tél: +33 (0)6 88 18 48 68