Refuge de l’Estrop (altitude 2000 m ) : a day excursion to discover the atmosphere of the high mountains. Ideal occasion to climb the summit at 2974m by staying overnight in this nicely placed mountain refuge. Accessible on foot, walking distance approximately 3 hours.

Hiking with a donkey

Our two long-eared companions are called Shanti and Kishan. They will be happy to take you on shady paths and carry your backpack with the picnic. By the hour, the half day or day, they will make you discover the beauty of our valley and the pleasure of spending a moment in their company …

  • 1 hour (18 €, 1 donkey)
    The tour of the village of Prads with stop at the river
  • Half day – 3 hours – (40 €, 1 donkey)
    The Tour de la Colle with picnic on the pass, sublime point of view
    The Mandala at La Favière loop along the Bléone River
  • Full day (50 €, 1 donkey)
    Ascent to Lac des Eaux Chaudes, small peaceful lake and picnic stop
    Hamlet of Vière to visit the contemporary work of art and the chapel
    The Tour du Gau and La Favière