Our sceneries offer a protected nature where human activity remains primarily traditionnal and where wild flora and fauna is full of species you can encounter frequently.

Our valley with its strong and particular atmosphere allows you to have a real break and forget about your everyday life in a cosy atmosphere, by favoring your personal resourcement.

  • The municipality is located on the territory of geological reserve of the Haute Provence, the biggest geological reserve of Europe.
    Discover the Ichtyosaure of Mélaie (about 3 – 4 hours walk), a giant sea reptile which lived during the dinosaures era.
    Starting point: Chanolles village walking duration: about 3 hours (by making the buckle).
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  • The National Mercantour Reserve invites you to spend a day to visit Colmar-les-Alpes, medieval village and the Allos lake (about 1.45 by car).
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  • The Natural Verdon Reserve is another destination for a one-day trip and to discover the richnesses of nature of this region (about 1.30 by car).
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